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Unique adventurous travel guide to croatia, your top travel destination. All you need to know when visiting croatia.
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Luxury egypt - your 5* travel guide. Offering comprehensive resort and hotel descriptions and reviews on all egypt resorts and hotels. Online bookable.

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Travel is the transport of people on a trip/journey or the process or time involved in a person or object moving from one location to another. Reasons for travel include:

  • Tourism—travel for recreation. This may apply to the travel itself, or the travel may just be the necessary investment to arrive at a desired location.
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Trade
  • Commuting–going to various routine activities, such as work or meetings.
  • Migration—travel to begin life somewhere else; nomadic people do this
  • Pilgrimages—travel for religious reasons

    The word originates from the Middle English word travailen ("to toil"), which comes from the French word travailler ("travail").